Monday, May 24, 2010

Finally, some progress!

Hey friends!
Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend! I know we did. I feel like we finally made some progress on another room.
About two months ago, we began working on our bedroom. We pulled up the carpet and laid some new flooring. We painted and added some trim work around the room. While there still is a ton more to do - I feel like its starting to come together! **YAY**

I mentioned last week that I was working on some nightstands... well we finally finished them. I don't think I could be happier with the way they turned out!
Remember these things? You can probably still find them in fraternity boys' college houses and in dingy basements... Circa 1970 - these ugly, six-sided monstrosities - can also be found in Goodwill locations across the country. We bought this one for a mere $11.00. At first glance, you might have thought we overpaid for it :)

But after modifying the size, (the hubs literally took a saw and cut 1/3 away), some cleaning, sanding, painting, adding legs and lots of polycrylic - I am happy to say this is one of my favorite pieces of furniture in my house.

These pics really don't do justice! The color looks a little off in these pics... but yes, that's a medium gray with black hardware. Its amazing what a can of black spray paint can do to hardware.

Okay - so that was the "feminine one." It's located on my side of the bed.

The next one, the "masculine one," we found at another Goodwill on the same day for $16.00
U-G-L-Y! You aint got no alibi... you ugly, yeah! yeah! you ugly! (Family Matters with Steve Urkle?? Anybody else remember this?? Anybody??)

Okay, so we did the same process on this one. We modified the size, sanded it down, painted it, added legs, and slathered it with polycrylic. We took the hardware and treated them with black spray paint and voila! Instant masculine version of my nightstand!

Total Investment:
Feminine Nightstand: $11
Masculine Nightstand: $16
Paint: Free (had on hand)
Legs: $22 (both sets)
Total: $49 :)
In that last picture you can kind of see the headboard we upholstered too! As soon as we get new bedding and the platform bed built - I will be posting more pics of the room.
As always, comments are welcome. If you have any ideas or suggestions for me, please, please post them.
And if you have any before and afters you are working on, please send them to me at
Talk Soon, friends!
Brandi Nell


JBunn said...

Your work is AMAZING!

Brandi Nell said...

Thanks JBunn! ... I think I still need to take pointers from you guys though. I want more pics of your house!