Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Dance! We now have a REAL bed!

Hey Ya'll! I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! We spent ours grilling out, sunning, a little sipping... and building a new bed!

I have to tell ya'll - this has been on the "to do list" for quite some time! We have been sleeping on regular iron bed rails. While I see no real problem with this, its not particularly beautiful - and its been awfully convenient for our 85lb Black Lab, Lucy, to climb right up there with us in the middle of the night (if you have ever owned a lab or know someone who does, you know about their shedding... I have NEVER been able to have nice bedding because of this). Well I am happy to say, this will no longer be a problem - our new bed is pretty tall. I am so happy with how it turned out.

Okay, so here it is before...
(no, its not just mattresses on the floor - I guess this was a weird angle.
It is in fact up on bed rails)

Okay, friends - so you have to forgive the mess in the background of all of these pics. Again, we live in a townhouse - there's no real room for a "shop." I keep begging the hubs to build things in the garage, but that would mean that he we would have to clean it out first :) So instead, my "one day office" is our "construction room."

Here the hubs has just finished framing out the bed and has started constructing the legs.

Once he added all of the legs, the hubs then added "cross beams" for support.

Once the "cross beams" were finished, we moved the bed into the master bedroom - under the headboard we made a couple of months back (I'm loving how its all finally coming together).

Then we got to painting (all of our furniture pieces in our bedroom are rehabbed finds that have been painted various shades of gray) and the hubs added trim work to give it a "finished look."

Here you can see the trim on the top of the platform.

The legs got trimmed out as well.

TA-DA! Our new master bed! I am so pleased with it!

The best part? It only cost us around $100 to build and it only took one day! And its EXACTLY what I wanted. Now... the search for bedding continues!
I am thinking about green bedding to go with this chair that I rehabbed last year

Who knows... If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please let me know! Also, if you have any projects YOU are working on - please send them to me at I would love to hear from you. Hope ya'll have a great rest of the week! Talk Soon!


Brandi Nell


Mrs. McCracken said...

I LOVE IT!!!! I love the bed that is wonderful! and so nice to get some new nice bedding! I love all the home projects! I always forget to take the before pictures!

Sami Mastrario said...

I absolutely love that chair. The fabric is amazing! :]


KatieB. said...

I can't believe you BUILT your own bed! Ya'll are so talented. Love that chair. Look at West Elm, Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn Teen (I know...), they usually all have bright green fabrics like that!

Kate Spears said...

hey your new bed! and speaking of new, i'm your newest follower! looking forward to making your acquaintance! please visit me over at southern belle simple anytime! xoxo said...

Wow, that is so very cool! I honestly have never known anyone so creative that they decided to just up and create a bed, but now I do! Very it!

Yours in Health,

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Good job! My husband and I are both lacking the DIY gene...when we try, we make a big mess and have to calk for help in the long run anyhow.

Tru said...

My husband and I also made our own bed, but we opted for storage boxes as the base; nothing special. For the moment we have no headboard, but the bed sits under a window, so not sure yet if we need one. BTW, just became your newest follower. Keep up the good work!

Brandi Nell said...

Thanks so much, friends!

Tru - so found me on here. Love that you guys built your own bed too! I am sure it looks great! We ALMOST did the storage boxes underneath ours too. Maybe in the next bedroom we will do that... Goodness knows we need more storage!!

Thanks for following and I look forward to seeing you on here soon!!!

Brandi Nell

Lyndsey said...

Hi Brandi, I'm Lyndsey from A Back To Basics Lifestyle. I love your new bed, I wish my hubby was handy like that! I think I'm going to have to mimic your headboard, it looks great! Love all your projects! I found you from the DIY Showoff thinga-majig. I look forward too seeing more of your diy projects. :)

Brandi Nell said...

Hi Lyndsey! So glad you found me on here. The headboard was SUPER easy to do!! It took a little while, but I like how it turned out. Please send me pics once you finish yours.

If you have any questions about how we did ours, please don't hesitate to email me at

I am heading over to your blog now. So happy to meet a new friend!

Brandi Nell