Monday, July 19, 2010

Reclaimed Barnwood Turned into Shelving!

Hey Friends!

Its Monday, Bleh... my least fave day of the week. At least we had a fun weekend! On Saturday we went to the Braves game with family and friends. SO MUCH FUN (even though they lost)!

Last week while checking out one of my favorite blogs, Design*Sponge (side note: you need to check out their DIY and Before/After sections), I found this gorgeous photo. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these shelves!!

I immediately forwarded it to the hubs. What a super easy project for CHEAP!?!

Best part? The hubs was working on a demo project that required them to tear down an old barn. He was able to bring home some of the lumber that would have been tossed. SCORE!

I have been trying to think about what to do with this weird wall in our bedroom - and now I had the perfect solution - build some shelves!!

So here we go:

We went to Home Depot and spent about $20.00 on a track system - like the ones you use in closets. When we got home, we measured and determined where we wanted the shelves to go.

The hubs then cut the lumber to size and hung them. We did a smaller one below to work as a side table beside our little green chair.

VOILA! A new reading nook in the bedroom! Now that weird wall has a purpose!!

Here are some close-ups of shelves. So much character in reclaimed lumber!

***Note - I need to find something else to go up on the top shelf - maybe a big green vase?? Suggestions, anyone??? The glass candle holders are not staying there.

I want to do a similar shelving unit in my "one day home office." Ughh... my "to do list" is so long. I don't think we will ever be finished.

As always, if you have something you want to share or you have questions/comments/suggestions, please email me at

Enjoy your Monday! Talk soon, friends!

Brandi Nell


Sarah Cook said...

Ohhh, Love this idea! I will have to file that one away for a project!

Colleen said...


Suzanne said...

That looks so beautiful in your room. Love the exposed silver "hardware" behind the wood -- it makes such a contrast in color and texture to the wood.

Brandi Nell said...

Thank you so much! You can't beat a shelving unit for a mere $20.00

Mrs. McCracken said...

SO SO beautiful!!!!
Brandi, I need some help with a room that we have... it is a living room (formal) I have a ton of stuff to go in there, but need help with fabric choices, paint colors, and of course the lay out! I have pictured it so many ways... but need some help! I love love love the shelves, and will be "stealing" this idea from you for sure!!!!
We need to have you over to see the room!

Brandi Nell said...

I will be happy to help (if in fact you actually need it, which I am certain you don't)! And steal away! I certainly did :)

Shevon said...

Love the reclaimed barn wood! Here's a suggestion that I saw somewhere...paint those brackets the same color as the wall behind them and they almost disappear and make the shelves look like they are floating, almost.

Brandi Nell said...

Thanks Shevon! I will remember that for the next time I do these (which is soon), but for this particular project I was going for that "exposed hardware" look - I like the difference in the industial and raw materials... but thats just me, ha!

Thank you so much for stopping by - hope to see you on here in the future!

Brandi Nell

Anonymous said...

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