Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Slow Motion

Hey friends!

Happy Hump Day! This office project is moving slower than molasses. I feel like I am in slooooooow motion because this project is moving so slowly. BUT as the hubs always says - it takes time to do something right. I want this done properly, so I am going to TRY to find my patience.
This past weekend I had to work both Saturday and Sunday, so I couldn't be here to help - but the hubs did get some work done without me.

The walls got mudded again, sanded again, mudded again, sanded again - you could only imagine how much dust was all over my house. My Black Lab, Lucy, was completely covered in the fine white powder. I wish I had snapped a photo of her!

I came home on Sunday to find my walls painted! HUZZAH! Now all we need to do is trim them out.

All of the hubs' progress got me wanting to be productive, so Sunday night I sanded, cleaned and did the first round of staining on one of the doors for the cabinets. This is a really rough picture, and I obviously need some CLR on the glass, but you get the idea.

This weekend we have TWO weddings to attend, and on Sunday our neighborhood is re-staining some of the driveways - so I don't think we will be able to do that much on the office, but I am trying to remain patient :)

What are you working on? Any new project you want to share? Send them to me at

Hope ya'll have a wonderful rest of the week! Talk soon, friends!

Brandi Nell

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