Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Awesome Thrift Find

Hey Friends!

Happy Wednesday! I hope you guys all had a wonderful Christmas! We certainly did. I think I ate way too much food and had lots of Christmas cheer (and maybe too much "cheers" as well). Our Christmas(es) started on Thursday in South Georgia and it ended on Sunday in Cumming. We had a fantastic time with all of our family!

Sorry I have been such a slacker on the blog lately - now that the holidays are almost over, we are ready to get back in gear on the house renovations. WOO HOO!

Hubs has promised to jump start the office this weekend. We are supposed to finish one of the old door cabinets. I really am hoping they turn out as fab as I see it in my head.

On another note, I have been itching to go thrifting. Today, I got off work early and heading straight to Goodwill. I was so excited when I found THIS little beauty.

Please ignore the really bad photo editing. But isn't she cute?? I got her for quite a steal!

While Hubs is at work for the rest of the week, I will be working on rehabbing this. This is the first piece of furniture that I have bought with the intention of rehabbing and then selling. This has been an wish of mine for a while now... rehabbing then selling my pieces. We will see how this project goes and we will see from there.

Sorry no Wishful Wednesday post this week, folks! I was just too excited about finding this piece that I had to share! Will update ya'll soon on the progress of the office and on this piece. Talk soon, friends!


Brandi Nell

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Office Update

Hey Friends!

I hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season! Christmas is just a few days away. EEEK! I have yet to finish my list. Heading out to hopefully finish up tonight.

The update on the office is... there is no update. Between Christmas parties, shopping, traveling and work - there has simply been no time to work on the house... and barely any room in the budget.

Sorry for the lack of posts. We are hoping to get back into the groove of home renovations after Christmas. FINGERS CROSSED!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday! Talk soon, friends!

Brandi Nell

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wishful Wednesday - Retro Outdoor Furniture

Hey Friends,

Happy Hump day! Hope you are staying warm - It's definitely been a challenge here in Atlanta. This Georgia Peach is not used to this kind of cold. I am dreaming of warm beaches, fruity drinks, and summer, outdoor parties (which is probably why I chose this week's WW post).

This week's Wishful Wednesday Post is a definite fave of mine. I have been on the look out for vintage outdoor metal furniture for a while now. There is something very "Americana" about this style of furniture.

The Gliders in fun colors are always my faves!

Love these chairs, especially the "bouncy" ones.

Maybe I am just wishing for warmer times, but doesn't this just look fun? I want to glide and sip for hours! Ha! Does anyone else share my love for these vintage pieces?

I have been looking for a few pieces for a while. I want some to paint fun colors like the ones above. Hope you guys have a great rest of the week! Bundle up out there! Talk Soon!

Brandi Nell

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Craftaholic Gift Exchange - YAY!

Hey Friends!

I still consider myself new to the blogosphere. When my friends suggested I start a blog, I had no idea the joy it would bring me. I thought the blog would be a great idea to update my friends and family on the house remodeling. I had no idea I would make some wonderful new friendships...

I saw some of my bloggy friends sign up for holiday gift exchanges and I thought it sounded like fun. I decided to sign up for the Craftaholics Anonymous Handmade Gift Exchange.

I got paired up with Crystal over at Happy Hoots and Photo Shoots. Seriously, how cute is the blog name?!? I made her a gift, and she made me one.

This girl has got some SERIOUS talent. Look at this adorbs wreath she made me!

Look at these super cute flowers! So creative!

I think it looks adorable on my kitchen pantry door!

If you think she is crafty, you need to see how talented this girl is with a camera. I love her blog. So happy to have made another Blog Friend in Crystal.

I actually made Crystal a wreath too, but its not anywhere near this cute. I didn't take any pics though... probably a good thing - cause hers puts mine to shame.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Talk soon, Friends!


Brandi Nell

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

Welcome to my first Wishful Wednesday post!

I spend a good deal of my free time looking at magazines, websites, and fabulous design blogs. I am constantly lusting and wishing for items I see. I swear, I have spent all of my imaginary lottery winnings several times over.
One item I have been wishing for is a card catalog. I have been looking for one forever to refurbish - but so far, no luck.

via Apartment Therapy

Check out Adrienne and Jeremy's Card Catalog Makeover... Swoon!

You can see their entire transformation at their blog,
Dream Book Design. So inspiring!

Check this one out! It is used to hold wine bottles... GENIUS!

I can think of 100 ways to use one.

My Craigslist Quest continues. I WILL own one of these one day.

p.s. Have you heard of Craigseasy? I.AM.OBSESSED! If you search Craigslist often, you will LOVE Craigseasy! Check it out! Trust me, it will change your life.

Thanks for reading my very first Wishful Wednesday post! Talk soon, friends!


Brandi Nell