Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wishful Wednesday - Snow Jam 2011

Hi Friends!

Hope y'all are staying warm. I am currently curled up on the sofa with a blanket, my sweet Parker Pup, and a heating pad. I can't seem to warm up.

We have been snowed in since Sunday night, and earlier I got the announcement that the office is closed to the public AGAIN tomorrow. I have been suffering from cabin fever a little bit (or a lot). In the past four days I have done laundry, cleaned, baked, organized, and even painted a cabinet.

The snow was fun (and really pretty) for the first two days...

but after four LONG days of not being able to venture out, this is getting old. I was really hoping the cabinet would be ready to show you guys, but sadly it needs a few more days.

So what am I wishing for this Wednesday (it is Wednesday, right? I am losing track of the days now)? Easy - a tropical vacation! We haven't been on a real vacation since our Honeymoon in 2008.

Jamaica, 2008

Don't those pics just make you want to curl your toes in the sand with a tropical drink in your hand? I would LOVE to be in Jamaica (or anywhere warmer) right now! Good news is that we are booking our Cruise this week! I can't wait to go to the Bahamas in March! HUZZAH!

I know I have been slacking on the DIY Posts lately, but it's been hard when we can't even leave the house to go to Home Depot!

Stay warm and safe! Talk soon, Friends!

Brandi Nell

1 comment:

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

Snowed in? It actually sounds kind of cozy =) But I'd rather trade the cold in for a cruise. YOU LUCKY GIRL!

Hope your are doing good, be careful not to freeze your limbs of and get gangrene haha!

xo Linda =D