Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wishful Wednesday - LAUNDRY ROOM

Hey Friends! It's Wednesday... Humpday. Whew! I don't know about y'all, but this week is kicking my "you know what." I guess I got spoiled during the Holidays, but I am really ready for the weekend to be here.

You may giggle at my uber practical Wishful Wednesday post this week. But I really, really want a REAL laundry room. Currently we have a laundry closet. (confession: I have no pics to show you because currently it is overflowing with piles of clothes that need to be washed)

Here is what the laundry closet consists of: ugly louvered doors, old washing machine, oldER dryer, and a wire shelf. THAT'S IT. While I am thankful for working machines, I really wish that I had front loaders, cabinets, and maybe a sink. Hey - a girl can dream right?

Hubs says in our next house, we can have a mud room/laundry room. That day can't come fast enough. Below are some examples of what I would love to have.

via materialgirlblog

via Lemon Annie

The next house is a few years in the future - but I can keep wishing, right? In the mean time, maybe I will paint the inside of my laundry closet, change out the doors and change out the wire shelf. I'll keep you updated.

Hope you guys have a great rest of the week! Talk soon, friends!


Brandi Nell


Tru said...

I'm with you on the real laundry room. I, too, have only a laundry closet in the kitchen. I do, however; have front loaders and my doors are a nice oak bifold, but I am so jealous of people who have a real laundry room that they can decorate and do other things in, like maybe crafting. Oh, well, here's to hoping for a new house.

Unknown said...

I am totally with you, girl! I am in love with those first two pictures :) xoxo

Sole Matters said...

i LOVE that 1st pic!!

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

First room is GORGEOUS! I can totally see why you'd want a laundry room.I have one, it's pretty ugly, but very functional! There's a big sink in there too, I think I've used it about 4 times in 3 years.. =)

xo Linda

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I am so inspired! Just even a striped rug would make doing laundry a happier experience for me. Can't wait to see your update. Mary Ann
PS Excited to follow you!