Sunday, February 13, 2011

Current Project: Landing and Stairs, Part 1

Confession: I am not a fan of carpet. Apparently, the people who built our house loved it. It was even in the bathrooms! When we are finished with the overhaul of our home, it will only be in two rooms - the two guest bedrooms.

This weekend we made some major progress on my anti-carpet mission. We removed the gross carpet from the landing and the stairs leading up to the third floor. My dogs (who are not ALWAYS angels) have been known to use the landing from time to time in emergencies - or in protest - as an area to "relieve" themselves... another reason for the carpet to go. Hubs and I are tired of shampooing it!

It felt so good to rip the carpet up off of the landing and the stairs.

Hubs should be finished hardwood-ing the landing this week.

While Hubs is working on the landing, I have been (and will continue ALL week) working on the stairs. I still have a TON of work today and I HOPE to be finished with this project next weekend.

I will post later on this week with the step-by-step process and the after pics. Can't wait to cross this project off of the "to do" list.

This stairway has the potential of being one of my favorite areas in our house. Going up the stairs we have been working on a photo gallery of pictures from both sides of our family. We have a ton of great pictures of our families even dating back to my great, great, great grandfather.

Can't wait till this whole project is done! Hope y'all have had a great weekend! Talk soon, friends!

Brandi Nell


Mary Ann Pickett said...

This is going to be GREAT! I hate most carpeting, too.
Happy Valentines Day to you!
Mary Ann

Colleen said...

Yey finally, I bet you are sooo happy to have that carpet gone :)