Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Welcome Home Station... Part 2

Happy Tuesday! I hope you are having a great week.

I haven't been feeling well, so Hubs has been working on the "Welcome Home Station" in an attempt to make me feel better... sweet, I know.

First, let me just say again how lucky I am to be married to such a handy guy. I love the fact that I can tell him what I want, and he can always build it. It's pretty awesome!

Remember the mirror we painted over the weekend? Well that was just the beginning of "Welcome Home Station." Here it is again.

I wanted a shelf with knobs/hooks to go directly under the mirror, making it one large unit.. . and let me tell you, this thing is LARGE. It's around 4 foot long. LOVES it.

He built this shelf from wood planks, decorative wooden corbels, and trim. I
painted it the same black as the mirror.

And of course I found the knob/hooks at my go-to Hobby Lobby.

I am LOVING how great it looks with the mirror. It looks EXACTLY how I wanted it to... well almost, we are adding a wooden "W" to it tonight. Then it will be complete. Isn't he a great carpenter?!? I can't wait to add fun stuff on the shelf. I will post another update when it's all finished!

Of course my terrible
photography skills do it no justice. I need to take a class... oh and use something other than my phone to take the pictures. HA!

This weekend we are heading down to my Family Farm for our annual Fall Festival. I can't wait to see my little munchkins of nieces, nephews and cousins!

Also, I am so excited to tell you guys that my sister and best friend, Brittney, is expecting her first child in April! I can't wait to spoil this little butterbean! So - be aware, there will be tons of baby
posts coming over the next few months! Talk soon, friends!

Brandi Nell

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The beginnings of a Welcome Home station

Hi friends! Hope y'all have had a great weekend! It was a gorgeous one here in Atlanta and we definitely took advantage of it! We have enjoyed friends and family, cooked delicious foods, enjoyed running outside, and even managed to work on a little project.

A few weeks ago, I scored a mirror a Goodwill. The thing was beautiful, only I didn't like the color of the frame!

Nothing that a can of black spray
paint couldn't fix! I taped it up so I didn't get paint all over the mirror itself.

This litt
le beauty now hangs right as you enter the front door.

Much better in black, right??

Best part? I scored the mirror for just $19. The original price tag on the back read $199.95 - WOO HOOO!

Hubs and I worked on a shelf to go underneath it today. Hopefully we will have it finished by tomorrow. Stay tuned! Talk soon, friends!


Brandi Nell

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Horrible Blogger

Hey, friends!

I know you have heard this same song and dance before from me. I haven't forgotten about you.

Life has been a little crazy. But I am working on a few small projects. Will update you soon... Hopefully this weekend! Miss y'all

Talk soon, friends!

Brandi Nell

P.s. I'm trying to remember this...