Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Master Bath - First VLOG!

Hi friends! Happy Wednesday!

Okay - so the master bath is starting to shape up! Rather than do a looooong post, I decided to shoot a vlog!

First, here is a shot of the bathroom before:


Now, on to my debut - LOL

As you can tell we still have a long way to go on this bathroom! I will update you guys on the progress soon!

I probably should have done my hair or makeup - but I still had to head to the gym... just keeping it real, friends! Also, I didn't realize how strong my southern accent was until I watched this. HA!


Brandi Nell


Skippy said...


The bathroon looks amazing! Great color choices.

The crown molding and ceiling are a great compliment to the flooring.


Unknown said...

I think it looks amazing so far...oh and I absolutely love how southern you sound but of course I would I'm from the south

Unknown said...
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