Thursday, January 12, 2012

Master Bathroom Update - New Shower Head

Hi friends! Happy Thursday!

Slowly but surely, our Master Bathroom is coming together. Today, I don't have a HUGE update, but rather a small one. But, It's amazing how the small things seem to make such a big difference.  This week we changed out our 1980's massage shower head to a much more updated one.  I am so super proud of it and am finding it even harder to get out of the shower in the mornings.

I hate that we forgot to take a "before shot," so Hubs decided to just hold it up for dramatic purposes.  Ha... love that he humors me.  I almost ashamed to admit that I have been showering with this thing for over three years.

YAY for a new, modern shower head!

 OMG, such a difference - at least it is to us!

 We got a new shower curtain too.  I really love the fact that it's almost the exactly the
same color as the paint on the walls, and I am always a sucker for anything star burst related.

 I am so thankful to have a functioning bathroom again.  Woo hoo! 
Do you remember what this bathroom looked like before? Here is a reminder...

Thank goodness it no longer looks like that!

As you can tell, we have done a great deal to this bathroom.  Here is a list of things we have done so far:
  • Ripped out carpet
  • Demolished old vanity and sink (so fun)
  • Removed and replaced toilet
  • Removed and replaced builder grade mirror 
  • Refinished old dresser and retrofitted it for new vanity
  • Added new sink and faucet (thanks hubs)
  • Laid new tile floor
  • Demolished old fluorescent light soffit
  • Repaired dry wall from old soffit 
  • Sand down textured walls
  • Added new lighting
  • Tiled the shower
  • Added beadboard and chair rail around the room
  • Painted the room twice (ha!)
  • Added beadboard to ceiling
  • Added crown moulding, corbels, and base moulding to the room
  • Made cornice and installed cornice board
  • Installed new shower head
We still have to get the tub glazed, find new rugs, add a towel rack, and find some art... but we are so close to calling this room complete.  I can't wait to be totally done.

I am so thankful that tomorrow is Friday. This has been the longest week ever!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Brandi Nell


CBK said...

Wow I LOVE your bathroom! That is the showerhead of my dreams, haha!

Ruth said...

It looks wonderful

Allyson McGuire said...

I just found your sweet blog, and I am so looking forward to being your newest follower! Visit me over at Cupcakes and Candy Canes sometime!


Tamika D. said...

Your bathroom looks wonderful. Can't believe the before/after pics. That shower head had to go! LOVE the new one. :0)

Frances said...

Even without one of those whirlpool bathtubs, your bathroom still looks great! Love it!

Brady Knapp said...

Very thouughtful blog