Friday, January 6, 2012

Final Goal: Grow Stronger in Faith

I am so happy it's finally Friday. Today also brings me to my final 2012 Goal:

Goal 4: Grow Stronger in My Faith

It is rare for me to talk about religion. I think of my relationship with God as a personal one. With that being said, today I make an exception.

I grew up in a church. I pray multiple times a day. I am a Christian. But truthfully, I do need to be honest with myself and admit that my Faith could be stronger.

We frequently visit a church here in our area. I like it - and Hubs feels comfortable there, but it doesn't seem like the perfect fit quite yet. We have been talking about visiting other churches - we just haven't made it a priority. In 2012, we will do this.

I also need to quit worrying about every.little.thing. I need to learn to have Faith in situations - knowing that He has a plan for me, for us. I need to be thankful for what I have. I need to learn how to trust.

I'm not going to go on and on about this one - I don't want to sound preachy. This is just one more of my resolutions and goals for 2012... so I needed to share.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We are having a quiet night in - trying to stick with our 1st goal for 2012!

I wish you all success, happiness and love in 2012. I really do think this is going to be a great year for us all. Thanks for reading in 2010, 2011, and now 2012. Talk soon, friends!

Brandi Nell

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Tamika D. said...

I believe that our relationship with God is private, but it should be shared with some. It's so important to share with others because you never know how it can help someone. I try to do this often. I am not the preachy type either, but I do often tell other's how far I've come. I am so bless & can't help to tell the world...when I can. I too believe this is going to be a great year for us ALL! ;0)