Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goal 2: Clean and Organize Our Home

WOO HOO for Hump Day! We are closer to the weekend, folks! Even though this week is a short one at work, it still seems to be creeping by. Yesterday, I shared our resolution to save more money. Today?

GOAL 2: Keep a Clean and Organized Home... consistently.

We have some issues in our home:
  1. We are always busy. Between work, gym, half marathon training, and our social lives, our calendar seems never ending at times. When we do get a day at home, it's hard not give into the temptation to just be lazy and enjoy "vegging out."
  2. We have a Black Lab. I love her, but she sheds more than any other dog I have ever seen. I don't understand how she has any fur left on her body.
  3. We have so many home projects going at one time. When we bought this house 3 years ago, I didn't realize what a never ending mess it would be.
  4. My home office needs to be finished. LIKE TOMORROW.
Now our home is not disgustingly dirty by any means, but it is a struggle to keep it cleaned and organized consistently. Honestly, I haven't even had time to take down our Christmas decorations yet. I can't even imagine how hard it will be once we decide to have children. I desperately want a clean and organized home on a consistent basis.

Enter! No, I am not a Mom, but Cheryl seriously has some great advice to keeping and maintaining a neat and tidy home. And her blog is pretty much amazing - you should definitely hop over there - only after you finish reading this of course! :)

Also be sure to check out her post, How to Clean a Home. I love all of her ti

She also has printables for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly chores. This is awesome for me. I make to do lists every day. I love the feeling of checking things off! Check them out below.





I love that she breaks things down for you. And the yearly one is all about organization and decluttering. JUST WHAT WE NEED.
Align Center
I will start with taking down all of the Christmas decor and doing a thorough cleaning this weekend. I feel better just thinking about it! Again, Hubs and I are both committed to making the changes. This will make our chaotic lives a little less, umm.... chaotic.

I Hope you had a great day! Looking forward to sharing my next goal with you tomorrow! Here's to a great, organized, and clean year! Talk soon, friends!

Brandi Nell


Colleen said...

Love it B. thanks for sharing. We def need to do this too. And don't worry the Epiphany hasn't happened yet, so you're all good! Hehe

Tamika D. said...

These are some great routines. I agree with not leaving dirty dishes in the sink. I start cleaning as I am cooking. Over here we are doing some pre-spring cleaning and can't wait to share on our blog.