Monday, January 2, 2012

Half Marathon Mondays... a NON-Update

Hi friends! Happy New Year!

I was planning on sharing my 2012 goals with you guys yesterday, but the afternoon got away from me. I will definitely blog about them later on this week. I guess I need to add "be a better blogger" to my list for 2012. HA!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe NYE. We had dinner at Blackstone with a couple of our best friends before heading to a really fun party. This was my first time ever eating at Blackstone, and it was honestly one of the best meals I have ever had in Atlanta. TO.DIE.FOR.

I am so mad I didn't get any pictures from the night, especially since my favorite new little black dress was ruined within ten minutes of arriving at the party. An ember flew up from the fire pit, landed in my lap, and burned a giant hole in the dress. I am still upset about it... and now I can't find the dress online or anywhere. SAD.

On to the half-marathon training. So last Monday we had to run eight miles - on Tuesday, my foot started hurting pretty badly. I thought I could just run through the pain on Wednesday and Thursday... I guess I shouldn't have done that, because now I can't put much weight on it at all without a ton of pain.

I am still not certain what I did, or when I did it. I spoke with a few other runners and they said they thought it might be my shoes. I have been running in the Nike Free Runs for a while.