Friday, April 13, 2012

Sadie Annabelle Gray

Hi Friends!

Happy Friday... even if it is the 13th!  I have great news to share.  The newest member of our family was born on Wednesday.  My sister, Brittney, gave birth to the sweetest BABY GIRL! I am so thrilled!  The sex wasn't known until her birthday!

 Welcome to the world, Miss Sadie Annabelle Gray!  

She was born on Wednesday, April 11th at 11:05am.  She weighed 5 lbs, 15 oz; and was 19 inches long.  She is made of 100% pure sugar.


Mommy, Sadie, and Daddy are all doing great!


And Aunt Brandi Nell is in love with our sweet Sadie Belle!

Talk soon, friends!

Brandi Nell


Ruth said...

She is a cutie

Tamika D. said...

Sadie Belle is one cute little belle. She's so tiny I could eat her up. SO beautiful!