Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My New OLD Desk

My home office is a project that feels like will never end. Why you ask?  Because I have been super picky. I simply have not been able to make any real decisions.  

About a year ago, we found a desk at Goodwill. I got it in the space and hated it. I kept thinking I could re-finish it... but my heart was never in it. It was just not right for the space.  

What I really wanted was a 1920s or 1930s teacher's desk. I saw one on a blog forever ago and have been obsessed with having my own since. I became obsessed with cruising Craigslist looking for the perfect desk. I would search and search, but could never find one the right size, prize, or in good shape.  

That is until last week... I found this beauty. 


She is exactly what I have been wanting... great shape and even better price. I LOVE a good Craigslist find. The guy we bought it from explained it belonged to his grandfather, a lawyer.  He then passed it down to his grandson, a physician - who then gave it to his brother (the seller), a financial advisor.  Ummmm... hellerrrr!!! This thing has got some maja history of accomplished owners. Maybe some of the past owners' success will come my way :)

Finally, I feel like I can get the ball rolling in this room. I can't wait to show you guys as it comes together.

NOW- if I can just find an antique church pew, I'll be a happy girl :)  What is your ultimate Craigslist find?

Talk soon, friends!

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