Sunday, February 3, 2013

Beet It! Beet It!

Hi friends -

I have to tell you, I have a new obsession... beets.  I recently tried them at a restaurant and was instantly smitten.  Yes, that's the only way to describe my feelings for these veggies... smitten.  

Tonight, I introduced Hubs to my new fave, beet and tomato salad.  

First, I tossed the beets in olive oil and a little salt and pepper. Then I roasted the beets at 400 degrees for 40 minutes.  

Once they are done roasting, I let them cool for a few minutes, then peeled the skin off and cut them into cubes.

Beet murderer.

More evidence of my slaughter

I add in a few red and golden cherry tomatoes, onions, olive oil, salt & pepper, and feta cheese.  I cannot describe how delicious I find this salad.  Even hubs was raving over it. 

I served the salad along side some roasted brussel sprouts. These are a recent discovery too.  And yes, I like them charred.  I'll share that recipe later.  I'm pretty much smitten with them as well.  

Hope you guys have a fantastic week!  Talk soon.


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