Thursday, February 28, 2013

NOT an artist

I consider myself to be a tad bit crafty. With that being said, I am NO painter.

This past weekend I attended a Sips and Strokes class (get your mind out of the gutter, it's a painting class) with a large group of girlfriends.

At Sips and Strokes you are allowed to sip on your favorite libations while the instructor teaches you how to paint a "masterpiece" step-by-step.  I use the word "masterpiece" lightly.

Our class was tasked with painting Dandelions in a windstorm.

At least we tried.

 My "skilled" work... I can't even tell they are dandelions. HA!

Girls from our small group.  Some of the girls are seriously talented.

Totally staged pic that made me laugh so hard.  Fave pic of the whole afternoon!

We had a blast!  The whole class was about two hours along and there were lots of giggles shared and memories made.  I don't know for sure where my artwork will go, but it might be displayed proudly... in the closet.

We are thinking of maybe trying a pottery class next!  Have you ever done one of these before?

Happy Tuesday!


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Ruth said...

I did one of those a couple years ago and felt like I was back on elementary school art class. I was never good with painting either and always got freaked out when it was time for art class.