Monday, May 6, 2013

Party Like its 1929!

You know those days when you absolutely love your job?  Yeah - I have a lot of those.  I'm really blessed with a job that I love.

It would take me forever to explain my job, but basically, I do marketing for a history museum here in Atlanta.  Recently, we celebrated our 1920s Swan House with a Gatsby themed party. 

We had Gatsby posters, banners, towers, themed drinks, lawn games, tours of our historic home, and lots of fun jazz-age music.  Oh, and we encouraged people dress up in their best dapper and flapper wear.  People really embraced the era!

The Swan House was the perfect setting for a Gatsby themed party!
 Loved the large scale posters and character towers.  I totally didn't mind staring at Leo.
 A selfie (don't judge) to show off my feather.  I wish it were appropriate to wear a feather in my hair daily.

Hubs came dressed up too!

And so did lots of my friends!  We had a blast playing lawn games and sipping on Bootlegger's Tea. Such a fun night!  I wish I could wear this everyday.  HA!

The movie comes out this weekend and we can't wait to see it!  I mean, two hours of Leo in 1920s outfits??? Sign me up!  HA! Talk soon, friends!


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Ruth said...

It looks like a blast