Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Stoneywood Christmas (Part 3)

Merry Christmas Eve Eve, friends!

Today has been super busy. I ran errands the majority of the day and finished wrapping up most of the gifts. Kev and I just returned home from a wonderful family Christmas dinner. I think it's safe to say - this elf is exhausted.

Currently, I'm sitting on the couch... soaking in some of the last days of the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree. I'm going to be super depressed when I have to put all of this Christmas Cheer away. But today, the stockings are still hung by the chimney with care - so I will share our den with you.

Our tree makes me really happy. 
It's simple... just gold, green and a little bit of red. 

UPDATE:There are now presents under this tree. My hands are still sore from the wrapping session earlier.

These red and gold tear drop ornaments are my very favorites.

The mantle was kind of thrown together... But I love the hodgepodge-ness of it. A couple weeks ago, I found a paper mache deer head at Hobby Lobby. Of course, I decided to paint it with gold glitter. 

Pikes Nursery (where we got our tree) allowed me to take home lots of tree trimmings. I used those, along with some pine cones and ornaments, as the foundation for the deer head.

Full disclosure: I tried to make new stockings. That was a big ole' fat FAIL. I'll try again before next year. Hopefully my sewing skills will be greater at that point.

I also found the garland at Hobby Lobby. I love mini pine cones mixed with cinnamon sticks and berries. I want to buy so many more of these - but HobLob was sold out. 

I added some greens to my 'Merica galvanized bucket. 

 I seriously love the way it came together... especially with the mantle. It's an All American Christmas at the Wigleys. 
Did you expect anything differently from us?

This nativity scene is  a new addition. I've always wanted one to serve as a reminder that Christmas isn't about the gifts, the parties, the decorations... but rather about Our Savior being born.

When we bought the tree from Pikes, they were running a Christmas package special... So we got this fresh wreath and the most beautiful (and unique) poinsettias I've ever seen.
I added the ribbon. I'm mad for plaid right now.

(Sorry for the grainy iPhone pic)

My tobacco basket and boxwood wreath also got a little "joy."

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen my "You Serious Clark?" pillow. This was my favorite Christmas craft this year. It makes me giggle every time I see it.

(Again, another bad iPhone pic)

Here's a view of the full room. Notice the little photo bombers.

Hubs and I have been joking that it looks like Christmas has exploded over here. I guess I was a tad excited to deck our new halls. I just couldn't help myself.

What's your favorite decoration in your home this year? Did you complete any Christmas crafts? I hope you are having a great week and getting some special time with family and friends. Talk soon, friends!


Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Stoneywood Christmas (Part 2)

Hi friends! Happy Monday - I have the day off, so it's an exceptional Monday in my book.

Yesterday, I shared a bit of our holiday decor HERE. The fun continues today with the dining room and breakfast nook. 

We are hosting Christmas Eve this year, so I had lots of fun deciding what to do for the dining room. After seeing these little laser cut trees for $1.50 at Michaels (HUZZAH), I just knew they would be perfect spray painted white (they were previously a natural wood color). 

I rummaged through several boxes (yes, there are still tons of unpacked boxes 6 months later) to find these candle holders. 

For the centerpiece, I grabbed these gorgeous poinsettias (Pike's find) and put them in this simple galvanized bucket. I added some fresh greenery, some pinecones, a couple more trees, and some milk glass vases. The runner was a TJ Maxx find. 


I love the rustic mixed with the traditional.  

The kitchen got a tiny bit of Christmas cheer as well.

Tomorrow, I'll wrap up our Christmas decor tour. I hope you will join us! Talk soon, friends.


A Stoneywood Christmas (Part 1)

WOO! It's my very favorite time of year! Christmas always brings out the warm and fuzzies in me. This year has been particularly fun because we got to decorate a new house. For years, I have wanted a traditional home to decorate... the townhouse was more contemporary. 

Admittedly, I've gone a tad overboard this year. Kev is a saint (in case you didn't already know that) for putting up with all of my crazy requests.

This simple wreaths make my traditional loving heart so happy. 
This image was on outtake from our Christmas card shoot. 

The foyer got a bit of Christmas cheer with plaid, fresh greens, and poinsettias.

I originally thought I was going to add fresh garland all the way up the handrail, but time got away from me. But, I like how these fresh, simple green bunches turned out.

Hubs made me this awesome Christmas Tree Christmas Card holder. 
I LOVE seeing all of these sweet faces as you come in our front door. This tree is probably my favorite Christmas DIY ever. 

My sitting room got a little tree of it's own.
 I've always wanted a small, white tree.  We decided to dress it in gold with a few blue and white accents to compliment the rest of the room.

Also, can we all just agree that Publix has some cute flower bouquets? This arrangement with pinecones HAD to come home with me.  

I'll share more with you guys tomorrow. It's definitely too much to share in one post... and I don't want your fingers cramping up from too much scrolling.
 I mean, you have gifts to open this week!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Talk soon, friends!


Sunday, November 30, 2014

HOLLAday Shopping -

Hi friends -

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We spent the week celebrating life's blessings with our dearest friends and family. It was such a great week - I am NOT ready to go back to work tomorrow.

Did you get any shopping done over the holiday? I used to be a BIG black Friday shopper... but the older I get, the less likely you are to see me fighting over a $5 toaster... I mean, who has time for toast anyway?

I'd rather do my shopping in my yoga pants with a chai tea in my hand and a pup by my side. Yep, I'm a internet shopper.  I will be scouring all the sites tomorrow (during my lunch break of course) for those perfect gifts... for the perfect price.

I may/may not be planning on purchasing a few things for myself this year as well. I'll be hunting for a pair of brown Frye boots (hit me up if you know of any good deals) and for some art prints for the house. The walls seem so bare still. 

Have you guys seen the new stuff over on Y'all I'm dying over all the pretty art pieces over there. I will totally be adding these gorgeous items to my wish list. 

I've been swooning over all the gold foil art. Check out this map of Atlanta. I NEED it. NEED. They also have really pretty frames you can add on.

I also really love this map of America. I'm sure you already knew that though. 

We took some Christmas photos today. My sister snapped this one quickly of me and the pups. It's quickly become my favorite photo. I'm thinking of having it printed with these pretty foil polka dots. So fun, ammirite? 

They also have tons of beautiful art. I have a deep love for water colors.  This piece, Meander, would work perfectly in our master bedroom.

And I'm 100% positive this stunning piece needs to come live at my house. How beautiful is this? I think it would look perfect with a big chunky gold frame? 
They just have SO many choices. From photo projects, to Typography, to stunning art prints - THEY HAVE EVERYTHING. I can spend HOURS (and I have) on their site... mentally covering every wall in Project Stoneywood. I plan on leaving LOTS of obvious hints (ahem, this blog post) for all who may have me on their list. And maybe, just maybe, I might score a couple of pretties tomorrow during Cyber Monday.

What are you shopping for this year? Happy Hunting!

** My good friends at Minted did contact me in hopes that I would blog about their awesome products. Let's just say they didn't have to twist my arm. They have GORGEOUS things on their site... and don't get me started on the holiday cards!! That being said, the opinions I've shared here are MY OWN. You totally should go check out their stuff.**

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Chandelier Success

Hi friends! Happy Saturday! I just got back from a FABULOUS estate sale. And look what made its way home with me. 

Yep, the chandelier I've been searching for. Woooot!

We also found some gorgeous antique sconces that will eventually go in our master bathroom. 

And because we were there for the final hour of the estate sale, we got some crazy good deals. 

Here is a glimpse at all of our finds. 

Yep, it was a good day. What did you do on this beautiful Saturday? Talk so, friends!


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Stoneywood Sitting Room

Hi friends -

I know it's been a while since I've given you an update on the house. Currently we are having a sewage backup situation in our garage... YUCK. I've decided to take my mind off of the smelly situation and blog about fun (and not so stinky) stuff :)

We've kicked off renovations on the basement and I cannot wait until all of the sawdust, drywall dust, and construction debris is gone. I'm so looking forward to movie dates in our new (and not so dingy) basement!

While Hubs has been working his carpentry skills downstairs, I've been working on some decor projects on the main floor. My sitting room has definitely been a fun space to fill. I've been scouring antique stores, estate sales, Facebook sites, and thrift stores to find the perfect pieces for this room.

You may remember seeing this image from an earlier post.

We bought this sofa off of a Facebook yard sale site. I LOVE it, but decided it didn't really work in this space. Hubs was definitely crushing on the MidCentury Modern look of it, so it has been moved downstairs to the basement.

And guys, you won't believe it. Brace yourselves. We bought something NEW... Like BRAND SPANKIN' NEW (only the 2nd piece of new furniture we have bought for this house)! We were able to find the perfect sofa for the sitting room.


I love the simple lines and the neutral color. That nail head trim made my heart happy. AND BONUS, it's super comfortable. We found it at Woodstock Furniture Outlet. They have the BEST selection of unique and beautiful pieces. 

You guys may remember this pretty settee the former owner let me purchase. I knew it needed to go in this room. It was the inspiration for the blue elements scattered throughout.

These two chairs were an early Christmas gift from my Mom (Hi, Mom!). She found them at an Estate Sale. I knew they had to be mine when I saw a photo. The fabric is light blue silk and the wood is in perfect condition.

The two tiered table was purchased at a thrift store for a STEAL. The mirror was another Facebook Yard sale site find.

Do you remember my post Second Hand Bran? I mentioned how I had been on the hunt for an antique secretary for a while. Well, guess what I found...

EEEK! I LOVE IT - and boy, did I get a deal on it. WOO HOO for Facebook Yard Sale scores! I've filled it with a few pieces of blue and white porcelain to tie in with the rest of the room. Sorry this photo is so grainy.

All together, these unique pieces make our sitting room. I love all the blue with the very light blue walls.

See that silver handled piece? YEP! Found that vintage golf trophy at GOODWILL. HOLLA!

You may recognize the blue, leopard tassel pillows and deer pillow I picked up at TJMaxx a while back ago from my Instagram feed. I still LOVE these.

I also found this brass horse at TJMaxx and instantly knew it needed to live in this room. The little blue porcelain dish was a find at a flea market.

For weeks I've been trying to figure out what to put over the sofa. That large, empty wall just keeps staring back at me. After hours of browsing Pinterest, I finally decided to do a botanical grid wall similar to these two images.

I've ordered a set of prints via Etsy and just need to find the right frames and hang them. I am so looking forward to seeing how it all looks together. Accessories are my favorite part!

We are also planning on planking the ceiling (I don't like the textured stuff) in this room - much like we did in the foyer. 

Once the new ceiling is installed, we want to add a light fixture. I've been drooling over these french style brass and glass antique chandeliers. Don't you think one of these babies would be an excellent addition to this room? I just don't agree with the $400 - $1200 price tags on these things.

The hunt to find the perfect one at the perfect price will keep me busy for a while.

Finally, I plan on adding some cornice boards above those windows. I just need to find the right shape and fabric. 

I've really enjoyed decorating this room. It's so feminine and traditional... quite different from the basement project we are currently working on. And you know what I really love, the fact that I didn't break the bank to furnish it. I love each and every piece and we didn't have to pay HUGE prices. That is a HUGE blessing.

Thanks for letting me share! I'll be sure to blog about the botanical grid wall soon. Hopefully our smelly sewage situation will be remedied soon! Have a great week, y'all! Talk soon, friends!