Saturday, January 25, 2014

Guest Bath Transformation!

Hi friends!

I hope y'all are having a good weekend. We are having another cold night here in Atlanta. Hubs is upstairs working on transforming our loft into a third bedroom. I'll be sharing that project with you guys soon.

We have finished the Ugliest Bathroom in America. Let me remind you of all it's 1980s glory.

If the carpet isn't appealing to you, perhaps you enjoy the seashell shaped sink. Or the hospital-esque cabinetry? How do you like that behemoth of a toilet? Or the builder grade mirror? Not pictured here is the fluorescent lighting soffit. Oh yea, this bathroom was a total gem.

Thankfully, I have a hubs who is hardworking and extremely talented in the home renovation department. The Ugliest Bathroom in America no longer exists. It has transformed into one of my favorite rooms in our home.

To recap:

We ripped out the carpet, the mirror, the vanity, the toilet, 
and the lighting soffit.
We installed new tile flooring and a new toilet.
We added paneling and trim to the walls and the ceiling. 
We also added new lighting.
We added new shower tile and shower faucet kit.
We purchased the vanity from a wholesaler.
We rehabbed the tall cabinet (see below). 

Finally, I got to finish it off with accessories.

I picked up this mirror at a local Garden Ridge store.

The electrical switch plates also got an upgrade.

I found the shower curtain and rug at Target... of course. 


I'm not sure if I ever showed you guys the large 1980s melamine cabinet. This thing was hideous.


We knew we wanted some additional storage besides the vanity, so hubs and I priced out a new cabinet to take it's place. They were a bit out of our price range at $300-$350 UNFINISHED. 

We came up with a better solution. We took the doors off the old cabinet, cleaned it up, painted it, and added trim. I AM IN LOVE. Who knew that ugly thing could become THIS?



The project cost break down:

OmniGrip: $20
Floor tile: $45
Wonderboard - $30
 $20 + tax per panel ... 5 panels: $107
Floor trim: $25
Paint: FREE (had on hand)
Vanity: $275
Vanity faucet: $50
Miscellaneous plumbing items: $40
Light Fixture: $50
Shower Tile: $80
Grout: $20
Tile saw rental: $120
Paneling, trim, paint: $75
New shower head and faucet: $99
New Toilet: $100
Trim for Cabinet: $20
New Shelves for cabinet: $30
Mirror: $30
Accessories: $50

Grand Total: $1236

Once more for fun:



The Ugliest Bathroom in America is now a charming, classic bathroom that I am not ashamed for our guests to use.

Do you have a big project you are thinking of tackling? I'd love to hear about it. 

We are looking forward to sharing another big project with you soon: the conversion of our loft into a second guest bedroom!  Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Talk soon, friends!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tile in the Shower

Hi friends -

It is literally freezing here in Atlanta today.  A cold 6 degrees to be exact.  I don't fair well in this kind of weather.  We went to drip the pipes last night only to find the half bath has already frozen.  I'm praying that the pipe won't burst. That's the last thing we need right now.

The guest bath is continuing to transform before my very eyes.  Be sure to check out our original post on the Ugliest Bathroom in America, as well as the others HERE and HERE.

A few weeks back we found these beautiful tiles ON CLEARANCE at our local Floor & Decor store. Y'all, I literally screamed when we saw them... giant subway tile? YES!

Due to the clearance price, we only paid $80.00 for the tile. SCORE!

We opted to go with the same Dalorean Gray grout we used on the floor. Hubs rented a tile saw from Home Depot and we went to work.

Due to the tiles being so large, the job went fairly quickly.

Grouting is messy work! Hubs used his grinder to cut out holes for the plumbing. So happy I married a handy guy.

I guess I forgot to mention, we got a new toilet too.  It was on sale for $100.00 at Home Depot. It's a dual flush. Cause, we are fancy like that.

Once the shower tile was finished, we added paneling to the ceiling as well. 


We used the same panels we previously used on the walls. We attached them to the ceiling using adhesive and nails.

Once the ceiling was in place, he added extra trim and crown molding along with walls. We painted it all white to pop against the paneling on the walls. Everything was caulked and then caulked again. All wood used is treated to stand up to moisture.  

I can't tell you how happy I am with the way the paneling came out. It totally achieves the planked, farmhouse look I was going for.


We also added a new shower faucet and head kit. The brushed nickel looks more updated than the crap that was there before.

Shower Tile: $80
Grout: $20
Tile saw rental: $120
Paneling, trim, paint: $75
New shower head and faucet: $99
New Toilet: $100

As you can tell, things are progressing quickly over at the Goodwood Reno! The Ugliest Bathroom In America transformation is almost complete! I'll be sharing the final touches on this project later this week.  Stay warm, friends! Talk soon!


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Planking... the WALLS!

Hi Friends! The Goodwood Reno (You can follow along with our full renovation process on Instagram using #GoodwoodReno) is still coming along.  We are really serious about getting our house finished by the end of February. We are really buckling down on resources and time. Our friends will probably think we are hermits for the next few months, but it will be worth it in the end.

In a recent post, I showed you the carpet being ripped up (gross) and the new tile floor going in.

I also must tell you that the past owners had wallpaper at one point.  Instead of removing the wallpaper, they opted to cover it up with a terrible plaster texture, then paint over it.  Y'all, the texture was bad... really bad. And I couldn't sand it off.  I tried and tried. 

Finally, after lots of coughing (who knows what I was inhaling as I was trying to sand the stuff off), sore arms, and lots of terrible swear words, I had the idea to plank the walls - right over the ugly drywall. Hubs thought I was crazy when I told him I wanted to go buy some 1970s paneling. Once I showed him some Pinterest inspiration, he was on board to give it a try.

We also thought paneling would be a good way to cover up where we had to rip out these ugly lighting soffits.  The fluorescent lighting had to go. You can also see the orginial wallpaper here.

We headed over to Home Depot and purchased THESE PANELS for right around $20/panel.  Each panel was around 32 sq ft.  It's a rather small bathroom, so we only needed five of them for the walls.

Instead of installing them vertically (the traditional way to hang this type of panel), we decided to hang it horizontally to give it the farm/cottage/planked feel we were going for. We used an adhesive on the back of the panels and also secured them to the wall with a nail gun.

You can see how we paneled over where we ripped out the soffit below.  We also made sure to cut a hole for the new lighting we would be installing later.  We also cut holes for the plumbing and electrical outlets as well.

Once all of the panels were up, we gave them a good sanding and applied a primer to help the paint to adhere to the panels.  We chose a gray color for the bathroom and used two coats to ensure none of the cherry wood color popped through. Luckily, we had the paint on hand from when we painted the master bedroom. 

Once the paint dried, hubs added base trim to the floor. We decided on a basic bright white trim. 

I apologize for the horrible iPhone quality, but you can see where we added most of the floor trim here.  We still needed to add the shoe molding.  But, I thought I'd give you a sneak peek of what the vanity and sink look like in the space.  Yes, the piece is covered in dust in this picture... my house is a construction zone.  EVERYTHING is covered in dust at the moment.

We found the vanity for less than $300 out a wholesale warehouse.  We bought it months ago, knowing we would be renovating this bathroom soon. 

I'll be sharing the shower tiling with you guys next... then the trim work, crown molding and ceiling!  This space has been so fun to work on.  

$20 + tax per panel ... 5 panels: $107
Floor trim: $25
Paint: FREE
Vanity: $275

TOTAL: $407

Hope you guys are having a great year so far! CHEERS to 2014! Talk soon, friends!


2013... 2014!

Hi Friends!

I hope you  have a had a great holiday season! We certainly enjoyed living it up and spending time with family and friends.

We had a great New Years Eve celebrating the marriage of Hubs' brother and his new wife. It was a fun wedding. We were encouraged to wear hats. I, of course, opted for a fascinator.   

We had a great time and are excited for Kenneth and Cecilia as they begin a new chapter in their life together.

2013 was a good year for us. Here is a recap of our year...

What's in store for 2014?

1. We resolve to consume less and savor more
2. Finish our home renovations by 2/28/14
3. Lose 30 lbs by my 30th birthday in April
4. Worry less, trust in Him more
5. Choose JOY

I'll be blogging more frequently as the home improvements keep rolling through.  Talk soon, friends! HAPPY NEW YEAR!