Monday, June 30, 2014

Paneled! (foyer transformation, part 3)

Hi there! I'm so excited to share the finished product of the foyer transformation.

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Remember our sad, plastered walls? 

Well now, they look like this!

Insert SQUEALS of delight.

The popcorn ceilings are NO MORE in this space. We also upgraded light fixtures. 

This Ballard fixture stole my heart from the moment we found it at the outlet for only $80!

Remember the little crystal lights we had in here before? MAJA difference.

You can see that we opted to add lattice trim along the corners. This gave us some grace with rough cuts in those harder areas. We decided to paint all of the trim and ceiling panels a crisp white to pop off against the wall panels. I think we made the right decision on that.

You will see some irregularity with a few of the boards. Even though we used a quarter as a spacer, some boards aren't perfectly spaced. We actually like that it isn't 100% uniform. It gives the space some character. 

We also replaced the light in the back part of the hallway with a more cohesive fixture. 

(Mirror from the clearance section of Hobby Lobby)

I am SO happy this project is done, but now I'm eying those stairs and the banister. I want to transform those too. I'm also ready to add new hardware and paint to the front door! 

For now, I will wait. This project took a bit longer than expected. Over 100 boards were nailed to the walls and ceilings. All had to be painted, and the trim had to be painted and caulked too. It was a big undertaking, but I'm so glad we did it. It makes a HUGE difference.

What projects are you taking on this summer? Talk soon, friends!



Stephanie said...

I love this! Great job! Can't wait to see more projects :)

Blush & Gold

Bonnie said...

Looks so good ! Can not wait to see it in person !

Aunt Cindy said...

I love it Brandi!!! You and 'the hubs' did a great job. So excited to see your new pad!