Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Second Hand Bran

If you have followed our blog (or my Instagram) for any period of time - you know I that am a BIG SECOND HAND furniture buyer. I have a soft spot for antiques. It's almost like a game to me now. Hmmmm... What unique piece can I find for an awesome price next?

As I have mentioned before, since moving to the new (older) house, we have needed three times the furniture. I'm sure Hubs (or our bank account) wouldn't appreciate it if I went out and bought all new stuff... so I keep buying new OLD stuff. You can just call me Second Hand Bran.
My rules for second hand shopping are simple:
  1.  Be specific about what you are looking for. Use keywords in Craigslist. If you like a designer or style use that in your keywords (Ballard, Restoration Hardware). Keep checking back every few days. 
  2. I sometimes key in words spelled incorrectly on purpose (Chester Drawers, Chest of Draws, Dinning Table). Trust me it works...
  3.  If you want something specific (I've been looking for an antique secretary for months), KEEP looking for it. It will eventually pop up for the right price. Don't give up or buy something else. Stay focused.
  4.  Don't be afraid to put a little elbow grease into something if you like the bones of it. Stain and/or paint will really transform a piece.
  5. Don't buy something JUST to buy something. Only buy something if you absolutely love it.
  6.  Have a plan for what you are buying... you can easily cross over into hoarder territory if you aren't careful.
  7. Don't be afraid to haggle. That's the fun part. 
  8. If on Craigslist, look at the date they posted the item. The longer it's been on the site, the more willing they are to bargain with you. 
  9. Visit thrift stores, craigslist, yard sales, and estate sales - And make sure to HAVE FUN!!

And just for fun, I finally did a round up of my favorite thrifty finds.

 Welcome to our family room. Almost everything you see here is second hand. 
We actually negotiated the sectional and this rug into the purchase of the house. The coffee table was cherry and I antiqued it with Annie Sloan's Old White.

 I've been wanting a Tobacco Basket for a while 
(after seeing them in a few of my fave ladies' houses).
 I found this beauty at an antique shop for a great price.

I found this side table on one of those Facebook yard sale sites. I'm still toying around with painting the body and staining the top. I just can't decide.

We scored this antique cabinet when a random Craigslist woman let us rummage through her storage barn. Yes, you read that correctly - this gorgeous girl was in a barn... a flippin' barn!!

We also found this amazing 1800's handmade French Bistro table (SWOON!) in that same barn. We've since seen some similar ones in online antique auctions. Let's just say we made a good decision at an awesome price. 


 This 1920s Art Deco armoire was left behind by the previous owner. Hubs shined it up and retrofitted the inside to accommodate our TV and more
 (I have a weird thing about wanting to hide electronics).

I decorated the mantel with antique books once owned by Kev's
 great aunt and uncle.
 I 've got a thing old books. 

Many of you have spotted this claw ball table in our foyer area. This is another piece that I HAD to have from the previous owner. It's definitely one of my favorite pieces in the house.

This dining table and chairs were a major find on another 
Facebook Yard Sale site. I love those legs.

This gorgeous midcentury modern styled sofa had me swooning from the moment I saw it on Craigslist. Hubs seriously loves the lines of it. It now lives in his man cave basement.
 I secretly think he likes to pretend he is on Mad Men while sitting on it.

This settee was also negotiated into the sale of the home. I just had to have it. 
She now lives in my sitting room

 This coffee table also lives in the sitting room. I found it at a thrift shop.

Side Note: We DID buy a brand spankin' new sofa for the sitting room. I'm looking forward to showing you this room as it comes together.

This awesome outdoor settee and chairs were a Craigslist find. I stained them gray as soon as we brought them home. I just need a coffee table out there to finish off the area.

You guys have seen the dresser in our bedroom we just overhauled.

We bought this armoire for our bedroom last weekend from a sweet family off of Craigslist. I'll be dedicating a whole post to it pretty soon. 
It was WITCH to get upstairs in our master.

This sweet little french provincial side table and it's twin sister were yet another 
Facebook Yard Sale find. Hubs cleaned them up and now they
 live in our guest bedroom.

There are a few more items that I forgot to photograph - and I'm sure you are tired of scrolling through pics... But you get the gist of it. We are slowly amassing the furniture we need to call this house a home. 

I really do enjoy the hunt of buying second hand. It's kind of a thrill when you find that perfect piece you have been looking for for so long. And the story behind the piece is so much more fun than "I found it at Rooms To Go."

Now, I need to get back to searching for that antique secretary. I know the perfect one is out there. :)

What's been your favorite second hand find?

Hope you guys are having a great week. Talk soon, friends!


Cre8ive said...

Love this so much! The cafe table, sideboard, all of it!!

Patti Davis said...

I'll be in Asheville this weekend with a group of girls. I have already located the local Goodwill. Eek! Love my thrift store finds!

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