Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Redeem Their Ground - Jungle Edition

I've tried to write this post several times. I'll start typing something, look at what I've written, and then realize the words are inadequate. I erase the words and start all over. Mostly, I've been staring a blank screen.

You see, something amazing happened this past weekend (If you follow me on Instagram - you were bombarded with picture after picture). 

On Saturday a large group of our dear friends decided to sacrifice their precious weekend time - 
and overhaul our jungle of a yard.

Redeem Their Ground ... Barn Raising - Redeem Your Ground |

It was a long day, full of life and love. Everywhere I turned, there was another person - working along side of us - with a JOYFUL heart.

People generally believe weekends are for sleeping in, binge watching TV and football... ME TIME. So why would these friends do this selfless for me and the Hubs? 

Again, I find myself struggling to put it in to words (which we all know is pretty dang rare). 

Thankfully, our dear friends Doug and Brittany WERE able to write about the adventure (quite eloquently, I might add) over on their inspirational blog,

Hop on over to read the beautiful story behind our amazing day together - and see an awesome collection of before and after images from the transformation.

These dear friends understand what community truly is. They not only talk about it - they live it out. And it's truly awesome to see how these types of loving and selfless acts are overflowing to others. 

Redeem Their Ground ... Barn Raising - Redeem Your Ground |

After the manual labor, we all celebrated with Kev's famous BBQ - and lots of laughter. Our house was bursting at the seams with people... it felt like a home.

We are eternally grateful for a "new yard" - but more so for the growth that happened among friends. Our hearts are bursting over with gratitude... for these friends, and especially to the One that placed them in our life. There's no doubt about it, we are surely blessed.

Talk soon, friends!

** Side Note: Doug and Brittany have a family business - Redeem Your Ground.  They 'create outdoor spaces that reflect who you are and how you desire to live. Simply put, their aim is to bring life to you and your family in your own yard – extending your home beyond its walls in a way that inspires you to live more fully.' - RYG Website

They are truly gifted. If you need a visionary landscape designer and expert in the Atlanta area - they should be your first choice. They are also good for laughter, teasing, and the BEST hugs (Britt, I'm looking at you). They are my kind of people.


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Sarah Cook said...

I saw all of this progress on IG but the fact that a group of y'all came together to get it done is awesome. It seems like a great way to strengthen friendships! I have always told my SIL that we should swap cleaning houses because I am always more motivated to help others than I am to do for myself. We might have to do big stuff like this on a rotating basis. It looks great!