Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Stoneywood Christmas (Part 1)

WOO! It's my very favorite time of year! Christmas always brings out the warm and fuzzies in me. This year has been particularly fun because we got to decorate a new house. For years, I have wanted a traditional home to decorate... the townhouse was more contemporary. 

Admittedly, I've gone a tad overboard this year. Kev is a saint (in case you didn't already know that) for putting up with all of my crazy requests.

This simple wreaths make my traditional loving heart so happy. 
This image was on outtake from our Christmas card shoot. 

The foyer got a bit of Christmas cheer with plaid, fresh greens, and poinsettias.

I originally thought I was going to add fresh garland all the way up the handrail, but time got away from me. But, I like how these fresh, simple green bunches turned out.

Hubs made me this awesome Christmas Tree Christmas Card holder. 
I LOVE seeing all of these sweet faces as you come in our front door. This tree is probably my favorite Christmas DIY ever. 

My sitting room got a little tree of it's own.
 I've always wanted a small, white tree.  We decided to dress it in gold with a few blue and white accents to compliment the rest of the room.

Also, can we all just agree that Publix has some cute flower bouquets? This arrangement with pinecones HAD to come home with me.  

I'll share more with you guys tomorrow. It's definitely too much to share in one post... and I don't want your fingers cramping up from too much scrolling.
 I mean, you have gifts to open this week!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Talk soon, friends!


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Ruth said...

The decorations are beautiful.