Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Fairy Tale of the Buffet

Do you want to hear a fairy tale? Well, it's not really a fairy tale... but sometimes I can barely believe the deal we got.

Once upon a time, I was surfing the social medias and I saw a post from my 7th grade teacher (Hi, Miss Minton!) about her search for a buffet. She wanted to find one to convert into a bathroom vanity. I loved this idea (especially since we converted an old dresser into our master vanity in our old house) and made a mental note to be on the lookout for her (side note: I've been selling a few pieces of furniture on the side).

Well not even a few hours later, I saw a post for this gorgeous buffet.

I picked my mouth up off the floor and exclaimed, "WHAT?!? Surely, she means $375... not $75 for this beauty!" Then I realized it wasn't a mistake. She was really selling this thing for just $75! I privately messaged the woman and told her that I could come and get it that very day. She explained there was a bit of a bidding war happening - which I promptly promised to beat. And boy did I come out the winner... I walked away with this beauty for ONLY $90! Yes... you read that correctly.

I messaged Miss Minton, letting her know that I had found her perfect buffet, but if she didn't want it - I was planning on selling it anyways. And I let her know that I would take additional pictures for her that night upon picking the buffet up.

But when we walked into the woman's home, we saw it... my heart may have fluttered a bit. I immediately knew it would be too tall for Miss Minton to use in her bathroom... and there was no way anyone could ever cut into the gorgeous top of it for a sink.

 **Side note: I'm still looking for a buffet for her**

I glanced over at Kev and he had that same goo-goo "I'm in love" look that I knew I was displaying. 

The owner, Carol, told me she was in a bind. She was moving the next day and had no room for it. She was really just trying to get rid of it... and quickly. But she had tears in her eyes the whole time she talked with us.

The owner explained she bought the antique when she was living in England. She was told that a Scottish man made it for his daughter's wedding day. I may have teared up a bit too.

 If you look at the carvings, you will see hearts.

It's giant. The wood is GORGEOUS. It has been so well taken care of. Kev looked at me and said "there is NO WAY we are selling this one." She was coming home to live with us.

I knew immediately that this would be the perfect place to display some of my blue and white collection...

Hubs gave me the two ginger jars and the bunny for Valentine's Day this weekend. I *may have helped pick them out.


I dream of having tons of ginger jars grouped together on this buffet.

What I really love is that each piece (minus the tall modern blue and white vase all the way to the left - TJ Maxx find) was purchased either at an estate sale, a thrift store,an antique store, or a Facebook yard sale site. Each piece has a story... a history. And now they all share a home in my sitting room!


 Maybe I'm cheap. Maybe it's the hunt to find THE perfect items... but I'd rather buy OLD things than new things to go in our home.  Not breaking the bank to furnish our home?? BONUS!!

Oh, and Kev and I have a rule... we have to sell something OR give it away before we buy new pieces of furniture for Project Stoneywood. I think we are both afraid we will become hoarders if we don't have this rule in place. HA!

We plan on getting this gem appraised soon, along with a few more of our pieces. We have no idea if it's worth anything substantial, but we love it just the same.

Do you have an amazing thrift story? I'd love to hear it! Talk soon, friends!