Thursday, March 12, 2015

#ThriftScoreThursday - Guest Host

Hi there friends! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I've been playing along with some awesome gals for #Thriftscorethursday. The hashtag is exactly what you think - a fun way to share your fun thrift store finds - POP THEM TAGS, Y'all! 

This week, the masterminds of #ThriftScoreThursday have asked me to be a guest host (ummm.. yes - please)! I'll be sharing one of my recent finds - AND giving some love to other thrift store divas. 


My score:

This brass pineapple lamp is a  new favorite. You may have noticed my love for pineapples (#TwerkingForPineapples - that hashtag is a loooong story) on Instagram... I spotted this GORGEOUS lamp at an estate sale last Saturday and IT HAD TO BE MINE. Swooooon.

I will admit, the $50 price tag almost made me leave this baby behind. But after a quick search of the interwebs, I realized these vintage beauties sell for $250! So yeah - it came home with me.

And I have not regretted it one teeny bit.

More #ThriftScoreThursday Love:

1. I love this magazine rack @TheEventMaker found for just six dollars. Midcentury brass is SO yummy!

2.  @ElevenGables always amazes me with her #ThriftScoreThursday finds, but this brass and glass dining table is DROOL WORTHY. Seriously?! (Our mutual love for blue and white and Spanish chandys also helped in deciding on this one)

3. Finally, I have to share @RefreshRestyle's Pink Flamingo... because PINK FLAMINGO, y'all! 

Hope you enjoyed these swoon-worthy finds! And maybe they inspired you to pop in a local thrift store. You never know what you mind find.

Thanks again to the our hosts for having me. Be sure to check out their #ThriftScoreThursday posts below!

Happy Hunting, y'all! Talk soon!



Cassie Bustamante said...

that lamp is stunning! and i love your features! i have a similar one! :)

Brynne Delerson said...

That lamp is fantastic! Sometimes it's so worth it to spend a little more than normal! Love the features you picked - that table from Eleven Gables is incredible!

Trisha D. said...

Killer find. Who knew brassey treasures could yield returns?! Add that to the retirement protfolio ha! Thanks for hosting this week, stop back anytime!

The Boho Abode said...

Thank you so much for hosting with us! That pineapple lamp is so perfect!

Kristen @ Pursuing Vintage said...

That lamp is terrific!! Congrats on a great score!

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